Sunday, 31 August 2014

Working on lino cuts of various youtubers. Beginning with Markiplier! I am very proud to say I was in his first 300 subscribers, even though I feel bad for not really watching much (mainly because he was doing full letsplays of games I wanted to play by myself) but I'm proud of how he has tweaked his channel into becoming this charity-driven, funny little haven for the viewers who want to see some good things in the world every so often. Seriously, his comment section is one of the best ones around. So I made him a thing from the profile picture of his old channel profile picture:

Next up: Cinnamontoastken!

Tatting cacti bases!

So hip. For my Art Project class. Tatting around the bases of cacti - I wonder how big I can make it? This is just needle tatting so it's pretty limited, but I'm hyped for learning shuttle tatting so I can make it wayyy bigger.
Wish me luck!

New Blog

Somewhere to post all of my art endeavours without being distracted by my other interests...