Tuesday, 15 December 2015

CYBORG EXTENSION Studies #1 2 & 3

A series of Indian Ink portraits created from images of friends - 1m in length, and no base sketches, drawn straight from the photos. A fun way to practise proportion! If you would like to commission me to do something similar, just visit my site and email me from there. Whatever size, whatever materials, whatever country you're in, we can work something out. :) All I need is a photo of the person/animal in question, and if you have any specific addition (that doesn't infringe on any copyrighted ideas, e.g. Iron Man/Ultron, don't get me in trouble!) feel free to tell me the details, or I'll make it up on the spot like I did with these. Each one took 6+ hours to complete, but I'm really happy with the way they turned out, and the quality of the ink makes them nice to the touch... I'll be uploading better photos to my professional site soon!

Monday, 12 October 2015

Getting another design folio done

And if any other student is up late finishing a folio a day early and reading this - here's a lovely gif to remind you that we strive for things we aren't sometimes, even when we are all truly just cats. 9:41PM and counting.

By the way, I understand InDesign a bit more and don't hate it as much - but then again, this is only a 30 page folio. Not a book with irregular sizing and full-page illustrations. Yay for experience!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Old Art Prints for Sale!

I've been trying to sell the art from my previous years at university for a while - I have an Etsy account they can be bought from, and the majority of them are simple woodcuts and lino cuts, some with chine colle and some are polyethylene, carved with a nail scribe. The more expensive ones are monoprints, all printed from polyethlene. This is all my Printmaking Art from first year, and some from the first half of this year.

So far on the Etsy shop I have 4 different prints for sale - the quantity stated are as many that are currently printed and ready to be shipped - All $15.00 + shipping.

Feel free to request a country for them to be shipped to, or if you have bought one, whether it would have been better to frame them or something. First time selling something online, be gentle with me!


Escape Pod | Episode 505: Falling Leaves by Liz Argall - Narrated by Yours Truly

Would you like to hear how I sound? Would you like to hear a very cool story about a dystopian Australian world and two teenagers (one a refugee) dealing with the effects of a war on their lives? It's a bit dark, and has some swear words, so viewer discretion advised. #NSFW


Thanks to Mat Weller for accepting my audition! Such a tight deadline really pushed me to learn about recording and editing audio. This is the second VA project I've helped with, and the first that's more than one line! And props to Liz Argall for such an interesting short story. :)

Origami Turtles - sculpture research 2013