Friday, 6 February 2015

I want my book back! Also a Uni break update.

If you have read the posts before this, you would know I had to hand in my little baby to my University for marking - it has been 4 months and I still haven't gotten it back! Somehow the tutors all decided to leave the country/take a break from we tedious students and lock away everybody's hard work in a place that we can't get to. I've turned up to Uni several times to collect The Kraken but every time I have been stuck waiting and searching for someone to help me for HOURS. Literally hours. Thank golly they're not allowed to throw the books out, or I would be furious. I can try again before the new semester starts (I have most of a month left now) or I can wait until the tutors are back properly, but I really want The Kraken back, sooner rather than later. I feel like having it back in my possession will remind me of what I can achieve, and what I can do better, and push me to finish my projects more efficiently and quickly. I just want my baby back! :'(

But over the past few months I have been focusing my creative energies on a youtube channel called Random Encounters, who create fun videogame-related musicals that put me in a fun, creative mood, and I've been pushing my digital illustration skills (and soon animation) to try and create with them. I'm using their energy, basically, the further my skills. It's something I like to do. I just find a creative force I like and put all my energy behind it, pushing it forward as much as I can. I'll have to stop creating for them soon, though, and get back to 'real art' for a few months, so there will be progress updates on my research shortly.

For the new semester, I really want to continue my research on dead languages and language trees, which I didn't have enough time for last semester. I finished it all on a very low note, and I'm not proud of how I did it. I want to use this new semester to further the study I've been doing to create the art I want. And now I'm third year, I'm not going to hold back! My biggest idea, which I should get started on ASAP is to literally fill a room with a tree. A tree covered with scriptures and symbols from dead cultures, formed sort of like a Weeping Willow, so the audience is forced to walk through it, and have 'leaves' from the scripts trailing around them, sweeping it off their shoulders, etc.

Also a set of sculptures of 3D forms of demotic and merotic script, and if that works well, I might go even further with Arabic script, which I think is gorgeous. I should really call it Aramaic, or more precisely Nabatean monumental script. If that's even correct. But I have plans! That's the point of this update. And I want to have an amazing body of work to show off at the end of this semester's review! Unlike last semester, which was disappointing... I will do better!

R.I.P. Monty Oum, 2 Feb 2015, the one person in the world who knew how to do what he wanted to get done. This semester, I want to be like him. Thank you for you, Monty, I'm sorry I never got to see you in person to tell you how much you inspired me to create.

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