Friday, 13 May 2016

New Logo Designs - WIP!

How YOU doin'.

Okay, long time no update (since Cyborg last year) which didn't end up getting as far I'd like, and academic Fine Art doesn't really like illustration in Grad Shows, it seems. Either that or I didn't push my point hard enough on that one. Long story short, my strongest work got put to the side and I learned how to 3D model and animate to create my showpiece for Curtin's Fine Art Grad Show in 2015. Milling in the crowd granted me lots of 'um's and 'ah's and not many people knew what was going on, but that's fine with me. Honestly, it was the closest I could get to recreating lots of ethically- and spatially-dangerous garments without employing someone to teach me how to work with plastics and lightweight metals in under a month. So instead of risking my bank statement and life dealing with machinery nobody at Uni seems to trust me with (guys, I took metalworking in highschool and remember pretty much all of it, I do woodcarving, hell I could probably build a house given time, I know what I'm doing, I just look like an airhead to you all), I created a very short looped animation of 3 3D-modelled garments, spinning on the screen as if they were on display at a fashion show. I would have loved to 3D print them, but the lab techs assured me that I wouldn't be able to afford it. So the digital world saved me once again.

Basically, my part in the Grad Show (and according to the crowd, the entire Grad Show) was disappointing. So my next obvious move would be to not do another grad show, right? Yeah haha I don't listen to my own advice. I'm on the committee for the upcoming 2016 Illustration/Graphic Design Grad Show, and I'm going to make sure it's better than the last one.

So what I have to show:

The King Edward YouTube Series (printmaking/media 2015)
CYBORG Animation (media, 2015, project ongoing)
Illustration Folio Work!

My updated social media! Including this blog, the personal one (not professional please don't come here for academic reference should you need it), I'm going to make sure I update each week at least on all my sites, which can be found via buttons on my wix site.

The Social List:

Pinterest (Research-based)
SoundCloud (mostly VA projects, personal and group voice acting. I'm making VA narratives! Will explain more later :P )
Tumblr (non-professional, and probably NSFW)

Pictures coming soon!

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